Monday, 3 October 2011

Dangerous Ideas


Dangerous Ideas challenges engaged intellectuals to think though the extraordinary changes of the past decade. It is an opportunity to explore what engaged critique means for a newly politicised student community, and for a society experiencing seismic shifts in light of the financial and military crises of the past decade. The series culminates with a one day conference in June of 2012. Speakers at these lectures are all well known participants and commentators on the role and place of critique in contemporary society. All lectures are followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

VENUE: 6.30 pm: CRD, Grand Parade, Room M57 University of Brighton

11th October 2011: Dr Daniel Steuer (Brighton), Birgit Hofstaetter (Brighton)
New Directions in Critical Theory

25th of October, 2011: Dr Saul Newman, Goldsmiths:
Max Stirner’s Ethics of Voluntary Inservitude

8th of November: Dr Mark Devenney, Brighton
Towards an Improper Politics: A Critique of Capital after Rancière and Laclau

22nd of November, 2011:Dr Nina Power, Roehmapton:
The Politics of Protest

6th of December, 2011 Professor Diana Coole, Birkbeck,
Doing critical theory as political engagement: challenges, threats and dangers

7th of February: Professor Alan Finalyson, East Anglia/Swansea
Rhetorical Invention and the Artistic Practice of Politics

21st of February: Professor Sarah Franklin, Cambridge,
The Mechanics of Substance: Rethinking Reproductive Politics in the 'age of Biology'

6th of March 2012, Professor Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck
Resisting Neo-liberalism

20th March 2012: Professor Howard Caygill, Kingston,

1st of June 2012: One day Symposium: Critique after post-structuralism: The politics of critical theory today

Hosted by CAPPE, the Critical Studies Research Group and the Faculty of Arts

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