Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Intoxication 2013 Paris

We are very pleased to announce the final schedule, and the opening of registration for this year’s conference.
We are also particularly pleased to announce the two keynote speakers for the day: cultural historian and author Mike Jay and Dr Benjamin Noys from the University of Chichester. For more details about our keynote speakers, please click here.

Those wishing to attend are invited to register by contacting

Intoxication in Paris, June 28th 2013.
Granville Barker room, 4th floor, University of London Institute in Paris, 9-11 rue de Constantine, 7th arrondissement, Paris (Métro: Invalides).
9h30 – 9h55 : Registration
9h55 : Opening remarks
10h05 – 11h00, Panel one: Intoxication in the Nineteenth-Century
Dr Susannah Wilson (University of Warwick), ‘Women and Drugs in late Nineteenth-Century France’.
Keynote address: Mike Jay (author and cultural historian), ‘The Green Jam of « Doctor X »: Science and Literature at the Club des Hachichins’.

11h15 – 11h30 : Coffee break

11h30 – 12h45, Panel two : Poetic Intoxications
Eugene Brennan (University of London Institute in Paris), ‘Apophatic theology and the poetics of the sacred: intoxication in the (anti-)poetry of Georges Bataille.’
Mathieu Perrot (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense), ‘Riding the lines: The images of the “chevauchements” in Henri Michaux’s poetics and drug experiments’.
Alessandro Cabiati (University of Edinburgh), ‘An ecstatic journey towards the unknown: Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Morrison and the art of intoxication’.

12h45 – 14h00 : Lunch break

14h00 – 15h30, Panel three : Dipsomaniacal novel(ist)s
Dr Joe Kennedy (University of Chichester), ‘Tipsiness and « The Reigning Stupefaction » in British Fiction of the late 1940s’.
Hemlata Giri (Université Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle/University of Delhi), ‘A toast to solitude. The theme of alcohol in the works of Michel Houellebecq’.
Anne-Lucille Gérardot (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardennes, CRIMEL), ‘Boire Dit-Elle : Un Tour Du Monde De L’Alcool Durassien’,

15h30 – 15h45 : Coffee break

15h45 – 17h00, Panel four : Biopolitical Intoxications
Joshua Rivas (Princeton University), ‘Intoxication and toxicity in a « pharmacopornographic era » : Beatriz Preciado’s Testo Junkie’.
Christopher Collier (University of Essex) and Joanna Figiel (City University London), ‘The Recombinant Dérive – The Situationist International, biopolitics and the neoliberal dérèglement de tous les sens’.

17h00 – 18h00, Panel five : Critiques of Intoxication in Theory and Politics
Alastair Hemmens (University of London Institute in Paris), “Beau comme le tremblement des mains dans l’alcoolisme”: A Cavalier History of Drugs and Intoxication in the Situationist International.
Keynote address: Dr Benjamin Noys (University of Chichester), ‘Intoxication and Acceleration’

18h00 – 18h05 : Break

18h05 – 19h00, Panel six : Paris, Capital of Intoxication
Simone Paterman (Université Paris VIII), ‘L’abstinence créatrice. Les errances de Jack Kerouac et d’Henry Miller à Paris’.
Adam Biles (writer, author of Grey Cats, 3AM Press, 2012), ‘Night Tremors: Stories From Nocturnal Paris.’

19h00 + : Drinks (TBC)

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